The Ringing

The weirdest thing I've ever experienced happened to me and Roomie last night.

We were watching TV when a high-pitch ringing note started playing, it almost sounded metallic like a bell. Except it didn't sound like a weird house noise or something from outside, it sounded like it was coming from inside my ears. It was extremely foreboding and filled us with a sense of dread. Roomie asked me "What's that sound?" and paused the video. The noise persisted. He got up to try to hear where it was coming from, but just as he did the noise started to fade away and flew off from the house. I say flew off because even though the sound was coming from everywhere all at once it definitely was stronger from above, it's hard to describe. Roomie sat next to me and was terrified, I was a little spooked but this absolutely rattled him. We kinda unpacked what happened in a quick back and forth:

Roomie: "You don't hear it anymore right?"
Me:     "No it got quieter and went off that way" *points towards the corner*
Roomie: "That way?" *points in the same direction*
Me:     "Yeah"
He then yelped nervously, he had heard the same thing.

The sound was just bizarre. Roomie, being a musician, tried to recreate the sound using a tuning app, but no matter what he did it just wasn't quite like the sound. We just felt so crazy, but since we both heard it we knew it actually happened.

his best recreation

Truly one of the weirdest things I've ever experienced.

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