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=>gemini:// Hardware Store Hijinks (23-03-09)

=>gemini:// Retiring the T430 (23-02-16)

=>gemini:// Exercise Management System (23-01-13)

=>gemini:// A Year in Reflection (22-12-03)

=>gemini:// The Pandemic is Over (22-12-01)

=>gemini:// Pseudoanonymous Struggles (22-11-30)

=>gemini:// New Job (22-11-28)

=>gemini:// Happy Thanksgiving! (22-11-24)

=>gemini:// Why I love My Saab 9-5 (22-11-02)

=>gemini:// Halloween Media Rec (22-10-31)

=>gemini:// Amid Autumn (22-10-31)

=>gemini:// Death, Aging, and Vegetairianism (22-10-23)

=>gemini:// If everyone has trauma, nobody does (22-10-17)

=>gemini:// iSwitched (22-10-06)

=>gemini:// I should learn Russian (22-10-2)

=>gemini:// Re: Observations (22-10-1)

=>gemini:// The internet has ruined people (22-09-30)

=>gemini:// The ringing (22-09-19)

=>gemini:// Python sucks, too bad it's great (22-09-17)

=>gemini:// A lie I tell myself (22-09-01)

=>gemini:// I don't know why I expect anything else (22-08-31)

=>gemini:// life reframing realization (22-08-29)

=>gemini:// naming my schemes (22-08-18)

=>gemini:// good news, bad feelings (22-08-17)

=>gemini:// distro-hopping itch (22-08-08)

=>gemini:// 🛌 (22-08-04)

=>gemini:// I broke (22-08-02)

=>gemini:// I love email (22-07-22)

=>gemini:// I don't want to believe (22-07-07)

=>gemini:// Stranger Things 4 was bad (22-07-01)

=>gemini:// I like flatpak (22-06-30)

=>gemini:// I got the rona! (22-06-30)

=>gemini:// feeling alone again (22-06-26)

=>gemini:// the web sucks (22-06-22)

=>gemini:// car troubles (22-06-22)

=>gemini:// low bandwidth lifestyle (22-06-20)

=>gemini:// mobile linux (22-06-17)

=>gemini:// bath haiku (22-06-14)

=>gemini:// friend troubles (22-06-10)

=>gemini:// operation friendly skies (22-06-10)

=>gemini:// spell checking is great and english sucks (22-06-08)

=>gemini:// I've recently discovered the importance of physical fitness (22-06-06)

=>gemini:// distro-hopping hell (22-05-24)

=>gemini:// conspiracy theory discourse sucks (22-04-29)

=>gemini:// political homelessness in the end of the world (22-04-28)

=>gemini:// some thoughts on tiling window managers (22-04-26)

=>gemini:// dating apps suck (22-04-25)

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